Monday, September 12, 2011

Clear cutting a sunflower forest

My girls got me seeds for Mother's Day this year. Among them was a small and innocent packet of sunflower seeds with the sweet little name of 'Sunzilla'. I planted them along the tomato rows in the vegetable garden because I knew they would never grow.

The reason I knew this was that our Bloodhound, Annabelle is a very bad dog, at least when it comes to sunflowers. She sniffs them out and eats them all, every one, every year. However, this year they grew to a staggering size and shaded out the entire vegetable garden. I just don't know how she missed them.

Today I got out the saw and chopped them down.


I cut off their pretty heads,

and set them out to dry.

Look who showed up! A little late aren't you?

Just look at that guilty face. I know exactly what you're thinking, Annabelle.

Good thing Blue Cat likes to bat you on the head.


  1. They are enormous. I love the look of Sunflowers. Had some many years ago but then they just got too big. I have to laugh at that saw you needed. Your dogs and cat are adorable. I think Annabelle was just waiting for you to go away so she could steal them.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Lovely crop you got there! The birds are going to love you! What nice dogs those are,..they look innocent enough.

  3. One thing I know is this: if not for these wonderful dogs, I would have no garden at all. You may have noticed there are no fences here. When I say Annabelle is a bad dog, and she certainly is, it only means that we are entertained by her nature. I know you two love your dogs and understand the place they can hold in a family.

  4. We have one little sunflower.


  5. Katie,
    I love your blog! I'll read it every day.


    Your Sis

  6. Ahh! This blog is adorable! I loved seeing Annabelle and Blue Cat again.

  7. Hi Esther! Your blog cracks me up every day. You know I have to ask: would you like a handful of sunflower seeds that are sure to grow to unmanageable heights, blot out the sun, and smother your tomatoes?

  8. Pierce, you are the sweetest. Blue Cat really misses you.

  9. Wow! Those were very tall. I am sure it felt like cutting down small trees. I am hoping to remember to plant some sunflower seeds next year for a display as nice as yours.

  10. That's hilarious. Did the bees enjoy the sunflowers?

  11. Hi Sage Butterfly! I couldn't believe it when they just kept growing and growing. My daughter said "duh, Mom. They're called Sunzilla."

  12. Lisa and Robb,
    Yes! Bees, all kinds of bees, but a bit hard to see way up there. I see you are bee lovers too. I'm glad you found me.

  13. What giant sunflowers. You are going to have so many seeds.Have a wonderful week.

  14. I did'nt get any Sunflowers this year as the Summer weather was just awful. We are forecast an Indian Summer for next week!

  15. Hi Bridget!
    Enjoy your Indian Summer. Those are the best days of the year for me.The warmth of the sun seems to go right through to the center.

  16. What a great post and coming from a transplated Kansan --- it's our state fower ------that means a lot.
    Best to you,Kate

    1. Best to you as well, Patrick!
      I haven't looked at this post in forever. I'm afraid we lost our dear Annabelle this week. Buried her down the hill a few days ago. I would rather have her back and have to hide sunflowers from her forever.


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