Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Garden Tour

Happy almost Fall from Bootjack Garden!

The last few hot days of Summer are don't seem so bad when there's a shady spot to go.

Still a few cheerful Rudebeckias; although they are a bit crispy around the edges!

The native water grass I transplanted from the edge of the pond starts to grow so beautifully in the Fall. The seed heads are the best thing going out there through the Winter.

Buddleia and Tarweed. A pretty pair.

 Back patio. See the Buckeye turning red-brown?

View from my kitchen window. This makes me happy every day.

And ... Asters! That's when you know it's Fall, even if it is hot.

I love Fall!


  1. Things are looking good. Even with the horrible gardening year you have some blooms.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. It was a pretty harsh year. Winter turned to Summer without more than a day of Spring. I still feel a bit short-changed!I really enjoyed your Sedum pictures this week. Thank you Cher.

  3.'ve certainly a green thumb with flowers! I do vegetables galore but flowers, I'm afraid, I have no success with.

  4. Katie, I love your fall garden tour! You have a wonderful lawn! How nice, especially when you have pets like we do. I may have made a mistake by not planning one. We have more of a slope though.

    I love all your flowers and it seems so familiar to me as we have many of the same flowers including the tarweed, of which we have a whole field! My asters haven't bloomed yet, but I love them, too. In my notes after first seeing them bloom is "Get more Asters!"

  5. Ms.Diva,
    You grow a fantastic vegetable garden every year, of course you can grow flowers! I hope you will keep trying. Just keep trying different things. Eventually you will hit on something that you like and that likes you! Happy to send you a whole bunch of seeds - who could say no to that?

  6. Hi Sue!
    Do you still need more asters? They are coming out of my ears this year.I bought one little pot of them at the grocery store a few years back, and soon they will cover all of Bootjack, I'm afraid. It's funny that you knew the lawn was for the dogs. It started as a temporary way to keep the mud and dust off the dogs (and out of the house). I added clover later and really like how it looks and the insects it attracts.

  7. Lovely nature view from your kitchen window, nice! Love your enctance too and the wooden arch and gate.

  8. Thanks Bridget,
    Some of the trees down the hill are so old, they seem to have personalities of their own. When my kids were smaller they even gave them names.


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