Friday, October 7, 2011

Rest in Peace ancient tree

b. Before the West was settled
d. October 2011

Our giant old oak went down in the storm yesterday. This makes me sad beyond words.

This morning Sugar Baby and I took a hike down the hill to say goodbye.

The part that rolled down the hill fills the entire creek bed.  I'm glad I wasn't home to hear the crack of the wood  then  the  wump when it hit the ground.

The part that fell uphill covers the entire hillside. My grandpa used to say sun rays are souls going to heaven. This tree was one very old soul. I used to look through its top branches from my kitchen window and  knew it was big,  but  had no idea until I saw it broken apart on the ground.

Here's the part where I always imagined I saw a face. See the big knobby nose?

Two old neighbors locked in a sad embrace.

I know there are lots of seedlings on the hillside and that I'll never see them grow any taller than me. This gives me hope for the future. I know I'll see a new generation of butterflies live and die every year. This makes me thankful for the time I've been given.. Hopefully I can stand tall and strong like my tree, help make others a little happier while I'm here, then go out with a bang when it's my time.


  1. Oh no!! How sad Katie! But it's all a part of nature's cycle. And hey, you're too young to be talking about yourself like that!


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