Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bootjack is on Fire!

Korean Dogwood
Japanese Maple
Korean Dogwood and Japanese Maple
Roses, Japanese Maple, and Korean Dogwood
Rosa rugosa
Maple and Oak
Rosa rugosa
Japanese Maple and Korean Dogwood
London Plane tree

Flaming Fall leaves: the only good kind of fire here.
Thank you, Fire Fighters for keeping Mariposa safe the  rest of the year!


  1. Your Fall colors are outstanding. Love the color you get to look out at.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Awesome fall color Kate! And thank you for sending the other pictures--absolutely breathtaking. Did you get another dog???


  3. Hi Esther!
    I suppose if the Fall display went on for more than a week or two my eyes would begin smoldering in their sockets, and this from just a few small trees in my garden! Yesterday my work took me into Yosemite Valley and hundreds of giant old Maples, cottonwood, and Black Oak, all a-golden and lit up by the sun. Talk about being overwhelmed!

  4. Thank you Cher!
    I loved seeing your Fall colors too. I'm going to look for one of those pretty yellow smoke trees!

  5. Hi Sis!
    The short answer: almost. Whole story to follow.

  6. Smukke efterÄrsbilleder.
    Tak for kigget.

  7. Hello Landbohaven!
    How nice to meet a friend from Denmark. I'm glad you enjoyed the Fall photos.

  8. A good fire :) I'm loving the Korean Dogwood! And the roses look so breathtaking against the brilliant backdrop! Beautiful!

  9. Your kind of fire is the best kind...I'm always happy to see the end of our fire season. The white roses are stunning against the firey leaves. Our Black oaks are golden now, here and across on the mountain, and the Oracle oaks just now turning a vibrant yellow. Also, the poison oak....hee, hee!

  10. Hi again Sue!
    It really is a great year for yellow leaves. Even things that are usually more red turned orange and yellow. Wonder why? You're very lucky to have Black oaks. I'm not sure which is the Oracle oak, Poison oak is a whole other story. It's a plant I'm painfully aware of.


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