Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The End is the Beginning

Middle of last month we had our first frost. 

That was it for the Summer garden.

*Note the gigantic clump of coreopsis. 

Last few weekends have been an attempt to square things away for next year's garden. It got away from me this year.


after wheelbarrow,

after wheelbarrow

was dumped into the heap at the edge of the driveway.

I rummaged around in the beds and look what I found!

What a nice surprise. I had thought I'd gotten them all. Enough for a nice meal and all the seed potatoes I'll be needing for next year's crop.

 By the end of the day things were looking pretty good.

The next job was the reverse:

Finding last year's piles among the tall grass and moving them back where they started.

They had shrunken down to a fraction of their former selves and were a bit hard to find.

Not exactly what you'd call compost, now is it? Much more like half rotted hay.

Every year I have the best of intentions, compost-wise. There's no shortage of raw materials here, only of self discipline. It all starts out fine, turning and watering, turning and watering. Then it gets hot. (The weather mostly, the compost only a little.) 

So each year I pile a bug ridden, disease and weed seed infested concoction onto my garden beds.

I mix it in well and let it cook down through the Winter.

Guess what? Everything works out just fine. *I even get some fantastic volunteers!

This year, in the bottom of the oldest pile, a few hand fulls of actual compost! I'm calling this a victory.

Here's next year's piles all ready for my half-hearted composting attempts.

And here's this years seed potatoes. 

If I can keep my husband from frying them up.
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