Monday, May 14, 2012

Just A Little At A Time

Yep, that's my new gardening motto.

Little bit of peas and carrots,

little bit of greens.

This year I have a plan.

I'll try lots of new things.

I can't tell you how hard it was for me to only plant 3 squash seeds.
And half a row of beans.
And I'll only plant a few seeds at a time.

I'll stagger the planting and only plant a few every few weeks.

I'll keep things going slowly along so there's never too much at a time.

I'll make wise use of my garden space.

Curtain of peas.
Both horizontal, and vertical.

Cabbage? What was I thinking?
I'll avoid planting things that get too big.

It would be nice to have time to enjoy the flowers and wildlife... and make berry pie.

Yeah, Bambi. Just keep going.

Sugar Baby's got her eye on you.


  1. I wish I had more space for some veggies. I did put a tomato plant in a pot and a couple seeds for cucumbers, hoping they weren't too old to take. :) Your veggies look fantastic. Can't believe how far along they are down there.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. Thanks Cher!
      Tomatoes do great in pots, cucumbers too. Vegetables do take up room, and time. I think I've finally learned not to get in over my head with them. This is the hottest Spring I remember here. I already have tomatoes and peppers out... and they're blooming! The Spring stuff already bolted. It usually doesn't get hot until next month. I think it's going to be a blistering Summer.

  2. A little(????) bit of greens, must have mae a lovely salad or 12. I love starting out with such good intentions, it makes me feel better when I do exactly the same things as I did the previously year, at least I started out with a plan.

    1. Nothing wrong with plans, as long as you can laugh about them later, or even during.

  3. Kate! I LOVE your garden!!! I officially have garden envy. I wish I had a big garden that was my own land, but for now I'm thankful that someone else has allowed me to grow on theirs. Everything looks gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks Diva!
      I have a hard time thinking of land as "mine". Paying a mortgage lets me borrow this place, for a time. I think you're actually getting the better deal. Someone else is paying that mortgage, and you're getting all the benefits!

  4. Your veggie garden looks great. I'm envious, especially of those beans and peas. Mine is mostly still in the seedling/transplant stage. I too want to stagger planting. Maybe this year I'll be more organized!

    1. Thanks Bumble! It's incredibly hard for a seed-a-holic like me not to overplant. Seed planting binges are so fun.

  5. It is very nice to practice "Just A little At A Time".
    I agree with you. But in MY garden, the harvest is often too few. haha.
    By the way, you can see a Banbi walking around your house,can't you? Wow,Fantastic!
    I have many fogs,which singing every night livelily,here now, because my house faces rice field. After filling there with water, lots of little cute frogs come up in my garden.
    Now,I'm looking forward to look your berry pie.

    1. I do see Bambi, every day. She wants my tomatoes bad. Along with White Tailed deer we also see bears, coyotes, bobcats, foxes, rattlesnakes and turkeys. Lots and lots of frogs too! Every now and then we even hear a mountain lion screaming. Sugar Baby patrols at night. She's the only one who will stay awake and not bark any more than absolutely necessary. A good dog is worth her weight in gold.

  6. I never have that many pea harvest in my life! Do you freeze some for winter?
    It looks like you will be getting bountiful harvest each week with no more hungry gap.
    Everything very lush and flourishing.

    1. There aren't enough left over for freezing! The heat usually kills the vines before we get tired of them.


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