Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Heat Goes On

Well, here's October and still no sign of Fall. Tomorrow we're forecast to break a heat record. I hope 102 degrees doesn't really happen. Poor Sugar Baby's beside herself.

The garden's not doing so good. Here's a representative sample. Just imagine this, but on a larger scale.

There are still a few indestructible beauties here and there if you look. But for the most part, heat and gophers have taken their toll.

The cats seem to be on vacation.

Except when it comes to snakes. I've had to rescue several from them. 

We've seen more of our mammal neighbors this year than ever before. Raccoons, possums, coyotes, deer, and bears! Last week our trash cans were tumbled and there was an attempted body snatching in the Hound Dog Grave Yard. Sugar Baby bravely defended her kin and all was set right in the morning.

The next night the bear took a bite out of a pepper then stomped all over the tomatillos. I'm glad he doesn't find garden vegetables to his liking. I'm not sure we could fend him off if he did. I feel so bad for the hungry animals. Once the heat subsides and a little rain falls, I hope they can find what they need - away from here.

The little birds have been a Godsend this year. Whole flocks of them fly in several times each day. They come to pick juicy aphids off the garden plants. I took this one this morning through the kitchen window. Sorry! It was the best I could do. He's eating aphids off the roses under the kitchen window. I credit the birds for our exceptional roses this year.

The rose on the left looked just like the one on the right yesterday. In our hot weather, you have to run out and cut them early in the morning and put them in a vase if you want to enjoy them for more than a day.

Hopefully this crop of buds will open in cooler weather.

It's kind of funny. I can't help the mammals much. The birds, lizards and frogs help me out more than you could imagine. But the insects, we help each other the most, I think.

The insects fascinate me. Here is a beautiful Monarch migrating through. Right below her on the same bush is a mantis. I hope there aren't a pair of wings on the ground tomorrow morning.

Today, even in the heat, I have so much to be grateful for. A little basket of vegetables...

acres of asters!

Lettuce coming on.

A volunteer 'Rooster Spur' pepper!

More 'Sweet Banana' peppers than I ever dreamed of.

Melons. Melons!

And the knowledge that everything will be fine, even if we have to find a way in spite of all else.


  1. Great photos and your veggies are looking terrific. Love the photo of your dog in the pail of water, that is way too cute.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

    1. Thanks Cher!
      Sugar Baby prefers a direct application of water first, then when her feet cool off, she will take her drink. It is pretty funny!

  2. I too love the photo of sugar baby in the pail of water. Hope your weather cool down some for you. It is cold where I am especially at night, 70's predicted for later in the week, looking forward to the "heat wave".

    1. Hi Norma!
      I sure hope you get your little heat wave. It's so hard both for the garden and your spirits when you jump from hot to cold without a nice transition.

  3. Bears, oh my! That's one critter that I don't have to deal with, thank goodness. My problem critters are mostly rodents. We've got lots of deer but they tend to stay on their side of the fences. Thank goodness for those indestructibles, I wouldn't have a single blossom in the garden without them. So, we've finally had a couple of hot days here on the coast, but then the weather should get back to general coolness in a few days. Ah well, at least it's not cold and wet, yet.

    1. I keep wishing some of this hotness over to folks in cold places. It's not working, I guess. Deer are a huge problem here too but fencing is expensive, so we just let the dogs take care of things. The other day I was cooking dinner and I glanced out the front window. A big-eared doe was watching me cook and munching on rosebuds. She saw me looking at her then calmly took another mouthful and walked slowly away up the hill. The cheekiness! The dogs were asleep on the other side of the house.

  4. Hot here too - I'm not wishing for winter, but maybe reasonable summer temps?

    1. We don't ask for all that much, do we?

  5. I love your little snake - fabulous photo. I am jealous of those beautiful melons - they look fabulous!

    1. Isn't he the cutest little thing? The day before I rescued a really pretty blue and green garter snake. Wish I'd gotten a picture of that one! These are my first melons- ever. I had never had a vine ripened melon before. It was a revelation.

  6. Beautiful pics Sis--I love the raccoon! I think we may get a cool down starting today. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

    1. Hey Sis!
      The momma raccoon dropped her two babies off in the hollow tree for the day. They kept popping their heads out and watching us until she came back. I'm really losing all hope in this mythical cool down. Several times now the weather forecast is for a cool down "next week", but when next week gets here it gets moved to the next week. I suspect the hot air will begin to dissipate at the conclusion of tonight's debates.

  7. HaHa! Oh my god you're right! Forecast is 81 today...

    1. Gassbag politicians. Same forecast for us here today! I even feel a little chilly this morning. Think I'll go plant some cabbages and stuff.

  8. Hi! Bear??? Oh did not realise they visit you too.
    Your garden very lively in autumn still full with many colours.
    Oh yummmmmmm Melon....drooling looking at it, so cute. Good serving size.

    1. These little melons are so good! Just the right size for a trellis too.

  9. Dear Lady Snake Handler,
    Need small flock of aphid-eating birds, for delivery in June 2013. I hope you are taking orders...

    But, bears? You have bears in your garden? I will never complain about deer again. Oh, yes I will, but I am just totally impressed with bears. (I dreamed there was a mountain lion outside the door once, but he was tame.)

    Image of Sugar Baby in the washtub is priceless.

    1. Hi Linnie!
      I'll whisper in their little bird ears when they migrate through this Spring that friends to the North are needing their help. Would you care to add some snakes to your order? The bears aren't as bad as they seem. They only bother us when they're really, really hungry. Thank God for Sugar Baby. She herself is priceless too.
      We have a lion too. She is not tame.

  10. What is the weather like in your town now?
    It is still warm or hot for October here.
    All of your pictures are very wonderful.
    I love very cute and lovely Sugar Baby in the pail of water, too.
    Some cosmoses' pics are really clear and fascinate as well, I think.
    So,I was very surprised to read that a deer munched on rosebuds.
    Your lovely little melon looks like delicious. I haven't seen that size of melon before.
    That size inspires me to want to grow it.
    A Mantis's photo is cool. I am actually a fan of it. I feel happy to find out their eggs like a sponge in Fall in my garden.

    By the way, your last picture is my favorite. The tufted Cosmos Sulphureus are splendid, moreover, the only one noble and commanding Orange cosmos attract me as well.

    I bet,your garden is full of exciting creature and plants.

    1. Hi Kumittyi!
      It's raining today! The melon is an heirloom called 'Eden's Gem'. I'd be happy to send you some seed if you like. The garden is definitely full of creatures, and some are very exciting indeed! I love the orange Cosmos too. I like how you call it commmanding! It certainly is a color that you can't ignore.

    2. Hi Kate!
      I haven't grow a melon before, but I would love to grow the melon called "Eden's Gem". I wish I could enjoy the same melon as you grow in your lovely garden. If I get your precious seeds, I would be very happy.
      What should I do?

    3. You can contact me through my blogger profile or through google plus by searching "katie hertfelder". I'm pretty sure you can send a private message with your mailing address. I've never mailed anything to Japan, but it would be fun to try! I'd love to see the little melons growing in Japan. The goal of saving heirloom seeds is to spread them out over the world to as many people and as many places as possible so they are never lost.

    4. Dear Kate,    
      How are you?
      Thank you for your warm reply.

      I tried finding your email through your profile on your blog but I couldn't find it
      In addtion, I haven't enrolled yet in Google plus. I tried to register but it says the invitation should come from someone who is already a registered member.
      I don't know any registered mmeber so I was not able to register up to now.
      However, I will manage to find a solution to the problem.  
      It may take a bit of some time to work it out but I will definitely contact you.
      Take care, Kate. Have a wonderful day!


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